How do these Pokemons evolve with friendship?

how do pokemon on LeafGreen/FireRed evolve with friendship(Chansey-Blissey,Golbat -Crobat,and Togepi-Togetic?)

Answer #1


you have to feed it poffens, battle with it and enter contest with it.That worked for me when I eveloed my riolu in to lucario.I was so happy!I hope it work out!


Answer #2


In order for some Pokemon to evolve you need Friendship meaning that you must let your Pokemon battle, groom it and feed it RARE CANDY. You can check your pokemon’s tameness by going to the tameness tester in Goldenrod city.

Hope that helps.

Answer #3

u have to keep them in ur party 4 a while. Sometimes giving them items helps 2.

Answer #4

I know an absolutely brilliant way to make it happy fast. Buy Protein, Iron, Carbos, Zinc, Calcium and Hp up. Use them on your chosen Pokemon, one item at a time. Eventually, your Pokemon will be so happy with you using items on them, they will evolve. If you have fed your Pokemon at least one of each item and nothing has happened, raise your Pokemon’s level by one and hopefully that will trigger it to evolve. If it is still a bit stubborn about evolving, give it one of each item once more and raise it to the next level again. That should definitely do the trick.

Answer #5

You can take your Pokemon into the Underground in Goldenrod City and get it’s hair cut. This makes them happier. You can also take them to Blue’s house (Silver) in Pallet town between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. and let Blue’s sister groom the Pokemon you want to evolve. You can find out how happy your Pokemon is getting in Goldenrod City. Go right from the Pokemon Center, go up and make a right at the next opening. Go down the first chance you get and inside the unmarked house there is a woman. Put the Pokemon whose happiness you want to measure as the first Pokemon and talk to that woman.

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