Pokemon azelf how do I catch it?

I cant catch it I dont know what to do I only have 1 pokemon left please help me!!!1

Answer #1

find it and have a bunch of revives, a LOT of poke/other balls, and 2 wobbuffet. the wobbuffet’s ability makes it so the opposing pkemon can’t escape. then find azelf and battle it with the first wobb. when wobb1 dies, send out wobb2. the first thing you do is NOT attack, but revive wobb1. if wobb2 lives through azelf for one turn, attack the next. just make sure you don’t kill azelf, and continue the revive-attack-revive pattern.

this is how I caught latias on sapphirre. hope it works for you too! ~dracoabla

Answer #2


There are a few strategies:

  • Use a thunderwave/sleep which increases the catch rate
  • Catch in Luxury Ball -Catch in Pokeball
Answer #3

I caut it like 3 months ago I need menusprit

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