what is the point of romance novels?

Answer #1

it helps people fantasize…it’s like saying what is the point to sci- fi novels…? Get my point?!

Answer #2

romance novels are like women’s p0rn LOL hmm, but i think yes, they help you fantasize or entertain you when you’re bored or have nothing else to do.

Answer #3

hmm in this case the bored point comes across and to make fun with my friends and freak out my younger friends, i just wanted to hear other peoples point of view

Answer #4

well they make you daydream alot about the one you love and hope he/she is ever capable of doing the kinda things that happend in the novel=)

Answer #5

Entertainment, fulfill a fantasy, same as any other novel. Comedy, fanstasy, fiction.. What’s the point of those? Same deal, entertainment.

Answer #6

If gives a person a break from the real world, and allows us to go where things do work out….Books are all about taking us somewhere, and showing us something thru a different set of eyes….that’s ALL novels.

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