Is there a point to the points or do you just collect them?

Answer #1

It’s a popularity contest, a contest of applied intellect. The points indicate whether or not you give answers that others can feel. If they feel your answers and if they work, then you get points.

Answer #2

It indicates how active a user someone is and if they give good advice. They used to give people money for their points but stopped because well, I’m sure you’re intelligent and can pretty much guess what’s wrong with that idea.

Answer #3

The concept is simply staggering. Pointless, but staggering.

Answer #4

i kind of figure the point tell me who is the most egotistical or bored of this site each day. Any one using enough time of there life to receive 130 plus points day after day might need to check there priorities.

Answer #5

sometimes people give people points for good answers. like they can give you 50 points and that might be why they get so many. Not becuase they are bored but becuase they give good advice

Answer #6

They used to only be given if people “liked” your answers, which generally only happens if you give a quality answer. Now you can get points for both good answers and just for answering a question or status update, so the leaderboard really just shows who’s most active on the site.

Answer #7

lol yeah, I get what your’e saying… I like to keep my personally generated points to a minimum. Of the points I have currently I would estimate seventy-five percent were awarded to me from other members in their agreement with what I say..

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