Strangeness under eye

Does fashion lense and makeup, give you ugly eyebags and strangeness beneath your eye…someone please let me know, cause all that strangeness beneath my eyes came overnight

Answer #1

please describe strangeness!

Answer #2

Bacteria can spread from any eye make-up, such as mascara or other eye products that may be some months old and perhaps getting near to being out of date. It might be sensible as well to avoid using other peoples eye make up. Remove your eye make-up before sleeping to avoid the make-up entering your eyes and causing irritation:

Take care !!

Answer #3

yes I used too. best advice ever, can this be reversable, what can I do, I wear concealer for now, but I want it removed permanently

Answer #4

Are you wearing makeup to bed?

Makeup can dry out the skin, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and “bags” under the eyes.

Make sure you wash your face every night and remove all traces of makeup so the skin can breathe, and when you do wear your makeup - less is always best.

Answer #5

Just make sure you are using a good moisturizer, and remember that if you are not getting enough sleep, it will look worse.

Also, make sure you are eating healthy - what you eat also affects your skin.

Answer #6

I’ve got these kinda looking circle, with lines, some days it looks a bit puffy, other times dark,im a prettyn girl, but this makes me look stink and old, will this cure, its not really eyebags . just kinda weird

Answer #7

take inchibanarky’s advice! also if it gets worse or anything see your doctor. you may have an allergic reaction to the make up or stuff that your putting on your face.

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