Am I doing the right thing not emailing him?

Ok. So me and a boy from my family fancy each other a lot! We aren’t related by blood and he is my mum’s aunt’s grandson so it isn’t TOO bad. My mum knows about it and my mum’s aunt and mum’s aunt’s husband guessed. I saw him everyday I was staying with my great aunt ( from monday to wednesday). on monday he came round and we were playing with this big ball, like the gym ones I think, on our own in the front room; we acidentally fell over it and I fell on top of him! I had been flirting with him abit before that in the garden, bending over and looking at him quite abit- I COULDN’T HELP IT! He had been flirting with me as well. So anyway, I was just about to get off and he grabs hold of my bum to keep me on. He was on the ball face down and I was on him face down. Tuesday we met again but went to a nearby museum, we had to walk and we were all by ourselves which took about 15 mins, we spent about an hour or 30 mins there. We didn’t do anything but I hinted I really like him and I was pretty sure he liked me, when we got back we went in the front room on our own again. We watched Top Gear and he seemed abit uncomfortable or nervous, like he couldnt concentrate. Later on we played with the ball again and he asked me to sit next to him so I did. We were holding onto the ball and he slowly put his hand on mine and held onto it, slipping his fingers through mine. I held his hand and then he started touching my back going up and putting his hand round my waist, VERY SLOWLY all the time. I got up briefly then went back to him. That was as far as it got, he had to go back home, about a 10 minute walk from where I was staying. On wednesday I saw him around 30 mins before I left but his mate turned up so he had to go. He kept looking at me and trying to impress me, doin press ups and all the rest of it. Whenever I think of the memories I feel very sad and cry for ages. I have emailed him about 14 times already and I told my mum about all of this,she says I should leave it for a while incase he thinks I am hassling him and too keen; basically I might scare him off. I live 3 1/2 hours drive away from him and I miss him sooo much. He hasnt replied to my emails yet but he did accept my friend invitation on bebo and added me on msn. I don’t know if me suddenly stopping sending emails will make him think I dont like him any more and I dont know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME!! I really need it, I will hopefully next see him at xmas or the next time we both have time off school. Please help me, I am desperate. Do you think I am doing the right thing not emailing him? I have his home no. but dont know if I should ring him. I wouldnt know what to say and would probably freak out so maybe I shouldnt. I need as much advice as possible. I am very grateful to all the people who give me advice and I do not want any nasty comments. Everyone that knows about this is fine with it. please giv me advice, if you need any more information just fun mail me. :)

p.s he is also abit naughty at school and shouts back at teachers, but he is extremely clever and already has a little dj buisness at the age of 14. I am 13.

Answer #1

Try to calm yourself down. And stop emailing him, at least for 3 or 5 days. If he still hasn’t responded by then, then maybe you could email him again and ask why he isn’t replying or call him. But 14 times is a bit exessive considering he has never replied. Are you sure your emails arn’t just going to his junk mail box?

Good luck:).

Answer #2

thnx. Situation sorted now so no more posts please. :)

Answer #3

thnx. Situation sorted now so no more posts please. :)

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