Whats the right way to pluck my eyebrows?

whats the right way to pluck my eyebrows? and are there any tips to make it hurt less? thanks!

Answer #1

There’s actually ways to do it where it is practically painless. I had it done at a spa once, the lady was great at it. Try different angles, see what works for you?

Answer #2

well no… it hurts yes, but with beauty come pain right??? well the first like 3 times you do it it will hurt and make your eyes water, but after that its like nothin… but I suggest waxing is better, way faster and heaps of other benafits =] I do it

Answer #3

no girlfriend don’t ever pluck your eye brows the want grow back after a long period of time if you do this I think threading is good and also waxing cheep $5-$10 dolllars looks nicer and last longer the look!

Answer #4

just get them waxxed is way faster, and it lasts a lot longger as well

Answer #5

if you are doing it for the first time just man up, after the first time it should be like 10 times easier.

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