How can I find my Dad?

i have always wanted to find my dad but i dont know how to. could you help me please

Answer #1

sorry but i dont know, but to reply -whoami- i would think, its something like your father left the family, or maybe like, suppose you were adopted and u wanted to find your biological parents, i think thats what Clark means ( but not the adoption part)

but clark, i wish i could help but i wouldnt know.

Answer #2

What is his full name?

Answer #3

Well,if you know your father’s name type it in on the white pages.That might help.I hope it does!

Answer #4

o. sorry. um, isnt there a show tat unites familys? anyway, cant u go online and search. srry, idk

Answer #5

what do you mean? find him?

Answer #6

What info do you have of your father? Collect and compile that. Also you’re probably surrounding by many people who can probably help you on your search. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. I pray you find your father.

Peace, RuFo

P.S. If/When you google use double qoutation marks around his name (i.e. “ “)

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