Did Van Halen remix their song "Jump"?

am trying to see if some1 comes across Van Halen’s “Jump” if they did indeed do it remixed. Please still list a lot remixed songs, because I love them!!! and I want to lose some huge weight like 75 lbs at least! Thank you! =)

Answer #1

Info on the song ‘Jump’:


Take care !!

Answer #2

what kind of music are you into? like specific genres i mean.

there’s a pretty good group that does mash-ups of some more mondern day bands called The Legion Of Doom, and its all remixed and spliced songs and they come out really good and are fun to listen too.

you could also try looking into some bands that sound a little more dance-like: clear static, head automatica, the faint, etc.

there’s also a list of remixes (mostly indie/pop stuff) at: http://www.apniisp.com/songs/indian-pop-&-remix-songs/4/1.html

but feel free to funmail me with some specifics about your taste and i’ll see if i can point you towards some good stuff.

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