What should I buy my boyfriend for Christmas?

christmas isnt that far away, and im looking forward to spending it with my boyfriend, the only thing is I have no idea what to buy for him, I want it to be special and something cute. I’ve got one idea but its really expensive. I need a really nice prezzie but with a low price? from about 20-30 pound? please give me some ideas :) xxx

Answer #1

how olds your boyfriend? trust me, something special is nice and all, but if you really want something that he’s gonna enjoy, gift cards are the way to go. boys just arent wired that way to think of something cute and sentimental. sorry its just how we are. kinda crappy yah. if you want something that he may like look to all the time a card you make would be good too. or something from build a bear, thats always cool

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