How can I get over him for good?

ok here is the story from start to finish ! I’ve liked this boy I’ve done almost everything to get him to like me more than a friend but nothing is working ! and now hes got a girlfriend that he has met at his dads work ! he says he wants to be friends and im fine with that but I cant get over him im crying a a lot b/c it hurts it feels like something is taken away from me ! I’ve never had a boyfriend and I tell my friends that I haveso amny I fell like I need to lie then I start feeling guilty ! people at school who are ugly got boyfriends and I dont ! I like this guy so much me and him talk on the phone like were dating , we fight like we are dating ! I don’t know how I feel what so ever ! I’ve tried everything to get over him ! please help me I like him like a friend but I just want a chance with him I mean he gives one of my friends a chance and not me ! I fell like im obsessed with this dude ! I sometimes feel like hes hiding soemthing but doesnt want to tell me !

im sorry I made this long I just need so much advice with details !

Answer #1

Eh, don’t worry about it. I never had guys dripping off of me when I was in school and I thought I must have been a horrible dog. Turns out I’m not and even married and pregnant I’ve got dudes hitting on me all the time. Give it time and you’ll come into your own. Sometimes guys may even not want to approach you because you’re TOO hot or beautiful. Try asking a dude out that you know you may have a chance with. You’re only 14, so you aren’t in love for real. Don’t let this break your heart. I’m sorry you feel badly, though. I went through the same stuff when I was your age. It definitely sucks and can lower your self-esteem. From what I can see of your pic, you’re a pretty girl. Don’t let this one guy get you down.

Answer #2

I know exactly how you feel, right at this very minute. I like this guy and he flirts with me a lot, but we’re just friends… it really hurts. then 2day he took his wallet out 2 get money out and he had a pic of his girlfriend and him. I knew he had a girlfriend, but seeing them 2gether hurt SO much and I came home and cried. I even took some depression tests on the internet. (I know a little intense, but…). it really hurt. but I guess with time we will both get over them, because I’ve liked other guys 2, not as badly, but my heart’s been broken before and you do forget about it over time. for some reason, I think this guy (4 me) might take a WHILE! I don’t know for u, but by the sound of it, probably…

I wish you the best of luck, and by the way, try listen 2 music, that kinda helps me. not like depressing music, but like upbeat party music

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