Is there a way to block someone so they can't call my Cell Phone?

Is there a way to block someone so they can’t call my Cell Phone? I ‘m tired of being harrased day and night.

Answer #1

I agree… I think you should call the phone company and see if they can do ti for you. If they say no, the police should be involved.

Answer #2

If you have the phone number, I would sugest you call your phone company and see if they could help by blocking the number. But if this is by many numbers you need to call 911 and tell them the situation and they would handle it. Or you could just change your number by calling your phone company.

Answer #3

Which system are you in? If you happen to in the windows system 6.0, 6.1, and 6.5, then you can try the software —- Pocket Call Blocker. It not only can help you to block the unwanted calls but also the calls. If you have interests you can go to: [link removed]

Hope help~

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