Please help!!!

I’m really sad right now. I need to talk to someone about what’s bothering me but I feel like I can’t talk to anyone. Does anyone want to help? Preferably a boy but girls are welcome to help too.

Answer #1

Whats wrong?

Answer #2

u can talk to me if you have an aim mines is lalazxaxbahdx1 im very good at givig advice and my life is a hell hole right now we can talk to eachother about our problems

Answer #3

I’ll help you I’m a 14 year old girl.. I help lots of people

Answer #4

sure. comishkid on aim. or just funmail me. I don’t know if I can help, but I sure can try

Answer #5

Why are you sad? I think I might be able to help. I’ll try my best at least.

Answer #6

btw, if you need to talk, aim me at irishcub1324

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