Need a break from the relationship

I have an amazing boyfriend who I live with, We have been together nearly 4 years, and I love him to pieces but I can’t help but feel I just need a break for a few days just to be with someone else, I can’t help but feel bored!!

I’m 18 I’ve been with him since I was 15.

I just need advice on what to do I’m so confused!!

Answer #1

I’m sorry but if you want a break just so you can go out with someone else for a couple days, then that defines you as a cheater and a wh**e… if you truely love him, then tell him you need to get away for a couple days and that your relationship with him will not be different in any way. if your bored try to spice it up and also talk to him about it. most people can’t hold a boyfriend for four years, and your wanting to risk ruining it.

I know when it comes to love, it’s confusing but never cheat. tell him how you feel and if he isn’t satisfying you then maybe you two shouldn’t be together, but whatever your dicision, please talk to him first, it can be fixed if your BOTH willing to make the effort.

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