Can someone help me with my federalist papers?

The federalist papers, no. 85 Could you please answer these questions if you know any of them, I have no clue what they are and I neeedd the answers by tommo

How the adoption of the constitution changed provisions for the nations defense? And According to the federalist papers, what will happen to if the constitution is not ratified

Answer #1

Hi! Good grief, you really need to go to or Google. The federalist Papers are still today used as a primary guideline for interpreting the Constitution. Because the jeffersonians wanted a very weak central, federal government, and most of the powers would be maintained by the states, there actually would not have been a “national” defense for the country at that time. Alexander Hamilton, the biggest contributor to the Federalist Papers, fought in congress and usinhg the papers, too fulfill the country’s already monetary obligation to the Continental Army, that the government was trying to shirk. The Army was ready to strike, and leave their posts because they had not been paid in months, and officers weren’t being given their promised pensions. Originally, there were going to be no provisions for a national defense, a national bank, or an organized rule over the whole country. The Federalist Papers, and Hamilton were largely responsible for those important provisions being included. Those papers explained why the Constitution should be ratified, and basically how to interpret what was written in the Constitution. While Hamilton’s ideas were not popular then, his genius is recognized now, and he ended up being probably the greatest Secretary of Treasury we have ever had. The modern Republican Party eventually adopted Hamilton’s ideas as sound, and right for the country. As far as what would have happened if the Constitution was not ratified? Depending on who you talk to, it could have been real anarchy, with no focused purpose or organization for our country. The original 13 colonies could have easily separated and gone their own ways, leaving no real “country” at all. After all, many people still wanted to be an English property, still loyal to the King! Hope this helps you! Good luck! Don

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