Why am i always wet down there (vigina)?

Why am I always wet down there (vigina)? Please help it really inbarising

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lol mikeh!
dont worry about it, you'll get the answer to that one when you're old enough...

as for your question, it's just discharge, a pain in the butt, but still very normal. You could try using the bathroom regularly to clean up, or you could wear panty liners...

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it's nothing to be embarrassed about... Its a normal thing that women's bodies do. It's just something that happens...if you really want to get that involved in finding the technical reasoning behind it then Google it =)
trust me, when you get more um... "sexual involved" you will love it.

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I always get wet and I hate it! I feel so embarrassed. is there anything I can do about it?

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Dont worry about it honey, its perfectly normal for a girl to become wet down there, it happens when you become aroused, either when you think about something sexual, or watch or hear something sexual.
So dont be embarrased =)

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You're going to have a very happy boyfriend someday.

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=) yup. love your body and all the new changes it will go threw... never be embarrassed or ashamed of it.

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wet stuff

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well I actually have a question...is it normal for the *wet* to be sticky and slimy?

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Its very natural , and a good thing so dont worry. your lucky your not dry down there some woman are and it hurts to have sex

Excess flesh hanging out of vigina
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he mean when ur boyfrend is using his finger to please u down there or having sex he will like tht u can stay tht way for a while most women cant so be happy ur not one of them

What are these bumps on my vigina?
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well its either discharge or 'wet'.. but yeah its totally normal , im the same.

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Well, is it like the transparent and mucus-like slime that makes it wet? (I know it sounds so disgusting lol) Do you get wet everyday? I get wet like this everyday but I dont know :P I once even asked about this to my family doctor but she said it has to do something with my period.

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