Is it possible to be over a healthy weight and not have periods?

Right I know about peridos and you have to be like seven and a half stone to have em. But say if you were over that is it possible not to have em?

Answer #1

I don’t think there is a certain size you have to be to get your period - it just depends on your body. I know some people who didn’t start their period until 16-years-old.

Answer #2

yes your 13, so you shouldnt need to worry about getting it just yet some girls start at 10, some girls at up to 18 years old even around 14would probably be an average age if you were 17-18 though and still didnt have it it would be good to get a check up at the doctors to make sure everythings ok down there but yours should come soon some things can affect it or put it off from coming like unhealthy weight loss or even gain stress sometimes your diet and exessive exerscise

Answer #3

Yes, it is possible not to have them. Some people start late…

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