Will a horoscope come true or is it just crap?

Will a horoscope come true or is it just crap?

Answer #1

well, i think we make ourselves think their true..they’ll be some days where im like “OMG i read my horoscope and it said i was gonna do blah blahblah, and it didnt happen” and they’ll be other days where it will say something..and sometihng very similar happens so i tell myself it worked. lol. i just think its either luck, and beleif. even though they’re not real. its fun reading them and seeing if its riht or wrong. <3

Answer #2

It is made by human beings. Don’t be serious with it even if sometimes there are things that impress you in there words or when sometimes a thing comes true.

Answer #3

Horoscopes that only rely on your sun sign are crap.

Answer #4

for me, sometimes it is true.

Answer #5

look at one and see then u will know if it is crap

Answer #6

*their words

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