Do you know Miley Cyrus's phone number?

OH GEEZ do you actually know miley cyrus’ phone number could I PLEASE have it!

Answer #1

miley phone number is 345-6578-9345!!! belive it I saw it on!!!

Answer #2

No offence dude but thats a little creepy. I dont even like her that much . . .

Answer #3

I know it but im not telling you

Answer #4

I want it sooo bad…if I could get it I keep it forever.

Answer #5

miley cyrus got aids.

Answer #6

I am miley cyrus on my friends computer my number is 075-4678-47480. I dunno if it will work because im in the u.s.a and some of you are in england but you can try the people who are in the u.s.a it will work try it. xoxo

Answer #7

ya right

Answer #8

I want miley cyrus phone number

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