Play Station 3 or Wii

Which do you think is better?

Answer #1


Answer #2

wii is so fun if you have lots of friends over its fun playin solo 2 so I say wii.

Answer #3

wiii !!! LOL I would jump up and down and climb the walls but I wouldn’t just sit on the couch like a chiken laying an egg all day long!!!

Answer #4

I like playstation 3 more. Wii doesnt have great graphics, games are really expensive, and to be honest its great it gets you active, though.. some days I just want to relax and not jump up and down.

Answer #5

ps3 has way better graphics & can play Bly ray…but for interaction, wii is better. We have both, and the game variety is far better on the wii.

Answer #6

I think the wii I have one and I love it

Answer #7

.I have ps3 and I love it.Its better then wii.Trust me

Answer #8

I thought so…I have a wii but my friends keep saying Playstation…I dont know why lol

Answer #9

wii is so freaking fun <3 and playstation doesn’t have any good games out right now. so wii ftw.

Answer #10

Wii, I love it because you get to interact more.

Answer #11

Oh I see…:)

Answer #12


Answer #13

wii’s better because your not sitting on your butt the whole time.

Answer #14


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