Does (or did) anyone play Runescape here?

Answer #1

I used to play runescape a lot haha AnimaLibera

Answer #2

I used to play back when i was like in gr 4

Answer #3

my brothers started playing it hes 8 hes too lazy to make money so hes askin if he can have a account

Answer #4

nice do u have a spare account by any chance ?

Answer #5

Nopenope. All the accounts I have i’ve worked hard on haha.

Answer #6

i used to play but i stoped when i was like 11 lol

Answer #7

haha funny you mentioned it because I got an email from…Jagex, or whatever saying something about the game…In fact I think I still remember my account but its not for sale. Who knows, maybe some time later I will get on it :)

Answer #8

kk lol :) nvm lol

Answer #9

lol :L

Answer #10

kool lolz

Answer #11

yeaah haha

Answer #12

Yep, I do – Spoonblender.

Answer #13

I dont remember my account sorry bro this was 6 years ago :$

Answer #14

Haha, I had a friend who played it and every time he walked away for a second I walk say crazy things in the chat thingy and get him banned.

Answer #15

I used to play a long long time ago, I was addicted XD

Answer #16

I used to be a hardcore player and made it to level 113 I believe.

Answer #17

for about 5 seconds

Answer #18
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