How can I play online on my PS2?

I have The Sims Bustin Out for PS2, You’re supposed to be able to play it online on your PS2…I connected the ethernet cord in the jack in the back of the PS2 but it still won’t work. It says connecting……then it says connection lost….but how I have charter bundle, LAN high speed internet. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Answer #1

You should had a plug in your an internet cord on the back of your console. most Games won’t play online for the PS2 though.

Answer #2

My game says on the back it is able to play online. I have the thin version of PS2, do I need the adapter for it? or does the adapter on need to be for the regular size PS2?

Answer #3

if useing slim just plug it in the back if not then you need an expansion then you need the online setup disc that came with you ps2 set up you connection and then you can play online capable games on line

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