How do you care for a rubber tree?

how to care for a rubber tree

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In lots of light, rubber plants tend to grow fuller and more compact. In lower light, they grow taller and more spindly. In general, it is best to provide as much indoor light as possible.

Any rubber tree will get too tall at some point. At that point it can be pruned back. Pruning will not hurt the plant nor stop its growth. It will simply make it shorter. New growth will then start to grow from a point on the stem just below where you made the pruning cut and it will grow upward from there.

The tip cutting (end of the stem with no more than two sets of leaves and a short stem) can be rooted in a small pot filled with a porous potting mix. Put the whole thing (cutting and pot) inside a clear plastic tent to keep the moisture in. Leave it that way for about a month to 6 weeks and then gradually remove the plastic tent.

Rubber trees cannot withstand temps below 40 degrees. If you take it outside during the warmer months, be sure to protect it from the direct rays of the outdoor sun.

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