Where is a good place to buy Tahoes or Blazers for $2250 that are in Good Condition?

Answer #1

Try Craigslist or drive around. I’m always seeing SUVs on sale around here.. with the gas prices going up, nobody wants them anymore.

Answer #2

i wouldnt go with Craigslist, i hear about so many bad things happening because of it. i would try looking in the newspaper where they have that section of selling things, looking around, asking friends or family to help you find one and ask around, or even try a car dealership maybe? im sure they can help you find a decent one, possibly a used car dealership or a new one, it never hurts to check both! hope this helped :)

Answer #3

Thats very true…. We have had so many cars and my mom just wants to try something different…

Answer #4

Please don’t ask dumb questions. Nobody knows where you can find that car for exactly that much. Try google for questions like this, people - It gives you 1000x more answers 1000000000x faster.

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