How to make my pitbull bigger?

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How big were the parents??? If you saw them, then that's about as big as yours will be...Just like people, there's no way to make your dog grow taller, or get bigger is what it is.


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If bigger, you mean like fatter then I wouldn't recommend it. It's bad for the dogs joints and hips and seriously affect their health.

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Worm him, Vitiamins at walmart crunch them up in his food... Give him lots of calcium also... They sell those pills at petsmart.

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you do know pitballs are banned in some places don't you?

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make him pull weights heavy ones and if you have him tied make him wear heavy chains it makes his neck get big and strong he'll eventually pull the weight like nothing its also good if you play with him with those pull-e things like you vs him and give him vitamins

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First of all it is possible to make your pit more MUSCULAR. as far as height or bone structure, there's no changing that.

Start him off at two years old minimum by walking him with a thick chain for a collar to build his neck, chest and shoulder girdle.

Then buy a harness made for dog weight pulling and let him walk around with it on. they need to get used to the noise the ring that you attach the sled to makes.

Slowly add weight on a sled in 2 to 5lb increments. get them on a joint supplement and good food.

Diamond dog food is a great choice. finally, lots of playtime, affection, and rest.

Your dog should be family above all else, not a trophy. The dog will love the challenge and you will love the results.

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it all depends on the breed and you surely dont want it to b unhealthy. Get a good dog food with no by products I like the 4life dry dog food it has a lot of excellent ingredients like salmon oil cranberry and etc and its not that expensive either but their are others out so find one your dog likes and take him or her to its normal vet visits and you should get great results

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First I would like to say if you don't know about the breed don't answer, cause if you wanted to fight your pit you want a small Pit. Pits were breed for fighting but with proper socialization you will see your Pit can be a fine family member. Anyway get this stuff called puppy gold and start running your dog. When it is 18 months or older than you can start putting weight on him/her when you take him/her for a walk or run. But only increase the weight little at a time start with 2 pounds and increase as it gets easier for your Pit.

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Pit are all sizes depending on the blood line. The blood line is what you base your dogs diet on but in most cases you will need to give your dog more protein and make sure that there dog food is a chicken base and not corn. That way it is healthy and as well as the food won't run through you pit and yes you have to walk you dog everyday and give it vitimans but you DO NOT PUT WEIGHTS ON A FEMALE PIT YOU WILL HURT HER AND MESS UP HER REPERDUCTIVE SYSTEM UP JUST LIKE MOST WOMEN WHEN THEY PULL THE LOWER ADS. BUT A MALE YOU CAN BUT THAT IS STILL DOG ABUSE, SO A LOT OF PROTIENS, WALKING, OH by the way what you put in to any dog is what you get off of a dog just like people. twalker9000@yahoo if you want to know more

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Bigger how do you mean? Do you need to worm him? Interceptor once a month wormer covers all forms of worms including heart worms. Is he too thin. That may be your problem?

I don't think I have ever seen a fat PB or a tall one.

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um.. WHAT?! are you mental. you can't make your dog bigger. pitbulls aren't even that big to begin with, they're short and compact with a muscular build..

if you mean bigger as in gaining weight, then you should take your dog to the vet to see what type of diet they recommend to keep your dog healthy.

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