Pissed off but need help

Hey I got my tongue pierced saturday it’s now thursday and I am wondering how long it is before I can take it out because im sick of how much blood is in my mouth when I wake up :@. its not infected and the piercer said its normal because the bar is moving around but im sick of scrubbing my mouth every morning

Answer #1

Such is the fun of placing an object where it has no business being.

You’re going to have to tough it out, sport.

And for the record, I did have a tongue piercing which came out 2 years later when I chipped a tooth…not worth it, in my opinion.

Answer #2

bout 2 weeks but even then dont take it out for too long and dont worry the pain will go in a day or 2

Answer #3

I dont care.tongue piercings are not cool:o(

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