Pinworms have been crawling around my vagina

ok, im 13 years old and last night I experienced pin worms for the first time. it scared me a lot. I noticed they have been crawling around my vagina? is this normal? I am going to see a doctor as soon as I can. but I have a few questions.
1. is it normal for pinworms to crawl around your vagina?
2. how long does it take to get rid of pinworms?
3. can pinworms spread like, down your legs?
4. do they only come out at night?
5. does itching make it worse?
if you have the answer to any of these questions please reply!!

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omg thats revolting get to a f*ckin doctor!!

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I've never heard of pinworms being in your vagina. They are normally in your anus.

You would need medication from the doctor to get rid of them.

They do not spread down your legs

They only come out at night

And I'm not sure about the itching, but I think that you really need to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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1) Yes. They can move from your anus to your vagina if left. You are the one that trasmits the eggs so all you have to do is itch your bum then thouch your vagina ,probabaly without knowing ,and you have moved the eggs and they will then hatch there.

2) Depends which route you go down doctors or pharmacy. It will probably be one tablet and they will start to clear up. Although re-infestation easily happens. Once you itch you will probably touch a surface or a part of your house. The eggs are then trasmitted to that surface and can hatch. You touch the surface, put your finger in your mouth and then you start right from the begginging again. YOu have to keep up good hygience habits and clean regularly. Also clean your home to gt rid of any eggs. Don't itch if possible.

3) no they dont spread down your legs


5)Like I said it can lead to re-infestation so really its best to not itch if possible.

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alright, the vaginal pinworms usually just die out with no inside help.
they are no huge deal. but they can become a big problem if you dont treat
the pinworms.
but still, get a pill from your doctor to use, the pinworms should die out
within a couple of weeks. good luck!

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You don't need to touch them to spread them. They are quite common in the vagina as they are looking for a "safe" place to lay the eggs when they come out at night. especially if you start cleaning the area around your bum all the time to help get rid of them. Since the medicine to kill them works through the digestive tract it does not kill the ones in your vagina. However, as they hatch out of your vagina, they will crawl to your anus and will live during the day inside your digestive track to get food. Therefore, you are not rid of them from the medication. I have found no doctor who can get rid of them once they are in your vagina too.

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