Big pimples only on my nose how to get rid of them?

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Sea water works for me. If you'r near a beach go swimming once per day. I did for a while but then winter came along (freezing water, 0 degrees plus or minus a few) so I stopped. Works with a few people I know but no-one has told me it made it any worse.

Hope youi have a beach nearish you.

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Whatever you do
they make it worse just get some skin care stuff and out some on each day but dont put makeup on

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Well proactive is expensive if you havn't noticed cause my sis. got that on sale for $50!
But the best thing to do is to wash your face really good and get all the makeup off your face that is holding all the oils and putting it in your skin or you can go to the store and get some OXY:Daily cleaning pads!

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Well, put your both index finger on it, then SQEEZE IT! Till it POP and all the juice spray on the mirror. Then your all good. ^_^

That how you get rid of it.

Simple huh?

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I've heard proactive doesn't work for a lot of people - but I've heard MANY great things about the Neutrogena Wave, give it a try. :)

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It's not a good idea to try what hellscream420 mentioned...if you keep popping your zits you will be getting permanent scars on your face. Trust me, I sister has scars all over her face from picking at her acne. That's really gross as well...and it would hurt like the devil let me tell you.

You should try the Neutrogena Wave or Clean and Clear. I've never tried the wave but I've heard very mean great things about it from people online/in real life. However, I have tried Clean and Clear and it worked wonders for me as well...Different products work for different people! Sometimes ProActiv will help sometimes it doesn't! I tried Proactiv too and it seems to do the job with me.

I don't know who got the $50 a month for proactive number, but mine is only $20 every time I get a new package.

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Whatevr you do,DONT POP IT!!!

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Don't touch your face too often. There are many germs on our hands which will worsen the problem!

Big nose

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I had one like that the week before my prom
it went away in abt 2 days and no scar was even left :-)

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what I am trying right now is putting an ice pack on it every 30 minutes ; it wont hurt you to try . right ? to take off the redness sqeeze a lemon into a cup and with a cottonball dab a bit on your pimple ; not your whole face !

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