How do you get rid of pimples?

How do you get rid of Pimples?

Answer #1

i saw the doctor, she gave me a bunch of free samples, and if it doenst work, get a referll to go to the dermatologist! i might be a littllleee costly, but if you really wanna get rid of it!!

Answer #2

one thing not to do is use clerasil… it get rids of tem then they comes back 2 times worse, i used it (and i usualy have really good skin) and i got a hell lot more spots that before, so did my freind, caus eit has a chemical in it so u will buy the product even more… dont wash ur skin too much, its prooven to help give u achne, cause it takes away the narural oils sour skin will produce more then it make sur skin more greasy, but iv never had major battles with spots

from me xxx

Answer #3

healthy eating, lots of water, over the counter medication (spot cream), or see your doctor if you feel that nothing is working.

Answer #4

if only i kneww .. :)

creamm !

NO chocolate . givess you spots x

Answer #5

Drink lots and lots of water.

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