Can men grow breasts from Breast Enhancement Pills?

Can men grows breast from Breast Enhancement Pills?

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I suppose we can

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lol sure jaes, so I can walk around looking llike Dolly Parton?? No thanks haha

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Okay. I was just curious. Someone asked me that and I didn’t know. Thanks [I guess]

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well yes but it would be the condition named GYNACOMASTIA due to excess of estrogen in your body…but its absolutely maniac to the possesser and the only way out after that is surgery

Answer #5

yes the pills are the female hormone estrogen, why the hell would you want to grow breast dude, your choice, good luck with that

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you should try it jax ;)

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haha dude if you want boobs then just get fat…I see plenty of fat dudes with huge breasts hahahaha

Answer #9

Sorry, but high doses of hebal concoctions will NOT grow breasts. It simply doesn’t work that way…

Answer #10

Men can grow breasts, and you don’t need to take pills. If you take high doses of such herbs as fenugreek, saw palmenno, red clover, and fennel (fennugreek and saw palmenno being most important) you can grow breasts without any other, or very little other feminization, and you can stop the growth and keeping it by lowering your intake of herbs to a minimum for a few months.

You can then have breasts while keeping them at a size that is hideable, especualy if you exersize and have a small pair, they could then pass for pecs in most shirts.

The herbs it takes also have health benefits, fenugreek is good for your cardiovascular system, and saw palmenno can prevent and sometimes reverse baldness, as well as preventing prostate cancer.

If you do take saw palmenno, you have to be sure to keep a balance on it. If you notice you start to ache all over or get tired easier, or find your labido, or ability to get an errection lessens, you need to cut back on the saw palmenno, however without saw palmenno you more then likly won’t grow a pair.

just information.

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