ok, so I found a counsler I can talk to, and shes recommended pills, but my mom is totally against it, I mean what do I say to change her mind?

Answer #1

actually my mom is a drug and alcohol counsler.lol. But weve been having this arguement for a month, and she thinks ill kill myself if I m on depression meds, and its just really annoying, because she doesnt get what its like to be depressed.I’ve told her that, she just thinks its a “teen” thing

Answer #2

You are a teenager.. what the heck have got to be depressed about.. wait untill you in the real world.. lol.. stay away from pills..but if you have to have to.. then rather go for eglonil.. no side effect.. no high.. just the thing required to get your chemical levels back to where they should be.. OH.. and they are not addictive..

Answer #3

firestorm, unless you have a medical degree I suggest you refrain from giving medical advice. No antidepressant has a physically addictive quality, and none of them give you a high…

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Be careful about giving medical advice. You don’t know Jaes or what causes her depression. It may very well be different than whatever you are experienced with. Much better to trust her counselor’s advice, especially since it seems to be a counselor that she is able to work with.

    I hope you do not take offense,
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hey, long time no see!

Get your counselor to talk to your mother… Your mental health isnt something your mother is qualified to diagnose or treat… Ask your mother specifically why she is against the pills and maybe by getting your counselor to debunk whatever myths she is carrying around about pills, she may come around…

I do want to add though, that if you are in therapy that may actually be enough to help. Research has shown that the brain chemistry actually does change with therapy (different changes from with pills but real physical changes nonetheless). Your doctor obviously knows best, however, if your mom is completely against the idea, dont give up on therapy… It will still help you…

Answer #6

yeah, but she’s not a doctor… a counselor (and that’s what I am getting my training in) doesnt get medication training… I am surprized, however, that as a counselor she is dismissing what you are going through as a teenage phase. It definitely isnt in the training we receive… You are her kid and she’s scared, it makes sense she doesnt want to admit there is an actual problem, but I’m still surprized she’s in that much denial… It is true, some depressed people get worse on medication, but most people do actually do better on medication… I still say get the counselor to talk to her… as one professional to another it might have a greater impact…

Answer #7

firestorm, I doubt you truly know how I feel then

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