piercing problem

im 13 and I really want snake bites but my mum said I shouldnt scar my face and my dad didnt say anything my brother and cuzin think its emo and ill end up emo and cut myself I told my mum its my body and I can do what I want wiv it and I told my brother and cuzin that I dont care if I turn out emo because emos are people to and not all of them cut them selves

Answer #1

choose positive not negative…ok b careful… everythings gonna b alright…

Answer #2

Ask your parents… “Could we wait a while, say a month or two and I’ll think it over and over. If I still want them will you allow me to? I promise I will consider everything!” Something like that. You could also tell them why. Include points such as why it is your decision, not peer pressured and why they will have no negative effects on your future. Also you could add how they are very minor, will heal and if anything bad happens will be taken out!

Good luck =D

Answer #3

I agree with Mom - I think they mess up a pretty face - be very careful what road in life you choose - choose positives, not negatives.

Answer #4

I allready have them. my girl who is 13 she wants some and I sald no not untill she 16 I have also sald ithat I will pay to have it done,So maybe you should wait

Answer #5

punk goth has NOTHING to do with cutting neither does emo unfortunanly majority of the kids who talk about sterotypes and majority of thre kids who call themselves sterotypes still have no idea what any of the words actually mean feelings and empotions play NO part in any label or sterotype that means no cutting, no suicde, no depression or eating disorders NO FEELINGS AND NO ACTIONS OR EMOTIONS sterotypes are just genres of music and/or styles of dress so pinkdottedbow, you are again wrong

Answer #6

Ok first of, snake bites ARE NOT EMO. Piercings are forms of body art and self expression and have NOTHING to do with ANY stereotype so that was pretty dumb to say. You won’t “turn emo” just because you got a peircing, if you think you will - your a poser. You don’t just randomly “turn into” a certain steretype. Anyway, if want them, try to comprise with your mom. Tell her the truth behind piercings - they’re not trashy/freaky/gross or anything like that. They CAN be removed if you’d ever decide you didn’t want them - take the jewlery out and never put it back it. It’ll close up and that’ll be that. Usually if you get rid of them, they don’t tend to scar if you let them heal up 100% right, and if it WOULD scar… it wouldn’t be too noticable. As long as you get them done professionally and take care of them, you won’t have any issues with them and they’ll turn out just fine. Tell her not to worry about them making you look bad. Piercings don’t make you any more or less attractive than you already are. Also, tell her not to flip out over you not being able to find a job if you have them. Anyone who says you can’t get a job is full of sh*t because you CAN.

If after all this you still can’t get her to allow you to get snake bites - wait. Try asking again a few days/weeks/months later and if that still doesn’t work, then simply wait until your 18… that way you can get them WITHOUT parental consent.

I hope this helps you, if you need anything else, let me know.

Answer #7

Just tell your mom that a piercing is a way to express yourself and that she should be happy you didnt ask for something worse like getting youre tongue pierced or something

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