Why cant i see the picture i uploaded and placed on Google Earth?

Answer #1

where did you place it? post code please….

ill see if i can see it

Answer #2

Lunan Bay, Scotland. Its by Jordan-H. Theres loads of pics but none are mine. There should be one on top of the cliffs on the right hand side of the bay.

Answer #3

Ive just read something in the help section and it says it can take up to four weeks. Thanks anyway

Answer #4

idk much about this but here is my opinion…. google is waiting and trying to verify the pic is not spam or anything inapropriate and vulgar…… another think is that you might not have uploaded it on the right place…. i once did a very detailed 3-D model of my house with stairs everything decorated…. and it was shown only on my computer…make sure you look and see if there is a “SHARE” button…

yet again i am not that experienced with this, and i maybe 100% just giving my opinon

Answer #5

Yup, thats it!

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