How to get her to take this picture of us off?

what do I do if my friend has the picture of me and her on her myspace and I want it off and she wont take it off it makes me so unbelievebly mad and I don't know what to do she jsut wont take it off no matter what I do its like she just doesnt care

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you should probably message tom and tell him that she is using a picture of you without your consant and you want it off, I think he'll do you the favor of helping you out with that...hopefully, it's not a for sure thing though

if not just keep asking your friend to take it off for you

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Curse at your friend and say these words "Take the picture off or im going to fart" , If she doesnt do it then, let out a huge fart and say "Take that" . ty have a nice day

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the0white0crane cant spell I wouldnt listen to him , take my advice and fart, its a wonder maker

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Maybe if you both take a better picture of ya'll together, she'll replace the one you don't like to the better one.

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19191 uhm no avence but you suck. big time.
Girl it is agains the privesie laws but it say just leave it.Or I geaus you kan make it big and mail myspace self and tell them

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Well dont worry your not ugly and its not a bad pic... You take good pics she just wants to have pics of her friends on her myspace dont get mad.

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well if its soemthing because youdont think yo look good inthe pic, or something like that...still ask her to take it off if you really dont want it...but if you really dont like it there and dont want people looking at you without yor consent thaen demand she take it off...perhaps even ask her parent or your parent to take it up with her parents...if you geniounly dont want it there and shes not listening to you...she doesent sound like a good freind at all...dont give up untill its off her profile

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omg what a friend...

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