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do you think it's bad if somebody puts their picture on the Internet??

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Not really as long as it's not obscene and real name/address/age/school/etc is not included where you could be tracked - must be VERY careful.

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Well I am a little worried, there are a lot of crazy people out there and not only can they get to much info about you, now they have a picture to go with it. So yeah I think it something to us caution with when posting.

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well if you are afraid of being stalked then I would say yes

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Didn't you put your picture on your profile.. on here..where.. thousands of people look..everyday..

I would be scared of pedofiles.. Just mostly women have to worry... Unless there are like ... Stalker COUGARS out there.. then guys shouldn't have to worry

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Well,, sometimes sharing too much personal information is very bad.
But if you are afraid of being stalked,,,then I would say definetely.

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