Is picking your fingers considered self mutilation?

I have a bad habit of picking my fingers (near/around the nail beds).. I usually do it when I’m nervous or bored… or just thinking hard.. they get really bad sometimes.. Anyway, people tell me that’s self mutilation and it’s just like cutting myself.. is that true? And how can I stop? It’s been going on for 15 years or so.

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O.o I don’t really think so, it’s just sort of, like a nervous habit, while cutting is actually picking up a knife or razor blade or whatever a consciously deciding that you’re going to cut into your skin…I don’t know how you can stop, though >.<

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I do it to I don’t think it is it’s just a habit like biteing your nails.

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No. It isnt. Self mutilation has a specific purpose around it. People who tell you otherwise are apparently clueless. Although most people seem to think they can talk about stuff they have no idea about. Oh and I’m not sure. I think you really have to be mindful. Uhm, gloves maybe in the beginning?

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I do that too, as well as biting my nails, and the skin around them. I have been told by a teacher that it was self-mutilation. He said I wasn’t allowed to do it at school, and when I did…he put band-aids on my fingers…if I took them off I got in trouble. One time, he put some crap on them that burned the living ** out of my fingers, because he caught me doing it.

I don’t consider it as self-mutilation, because self-mutilation (like Ty said) usually has a purpose behind it. It’s usually to intentionally harm yourself.

In most cases, biting or picking your nails is not to intentionally harm yourself. For me, it’s a habit. I do it when I get nervous, scared, depressed, excited, or just when I am thinking.

However, I do think it can be self-mutilation. Some people do it when they are mad, or upset. They will angrily rip the skin off with their finger, or teeth. Just like some people slap themselves, scratch themselves, cut themselves, etc…when they are mad.

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My teacher ran the gluestick across my fingers! (I kept picking/biting).. I just wiped my fingers off and continued lol. Lately I’ve been stressed out more, and so they’ve been really bloody and swollen… I hate when it gets like that.. I never bite or pick my nails though..

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yes it is im apparently clueless btw :)

Answer #8

Ok for both of you by law a teacher can not put any thing on you so you could file charges on them. For example if someone is pokeing you with there finger and you tell them to stop and they continue to do it you can file charges cause is considered assult.

Answer #9

Stop it!

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