Picked on 2

Today I was for the first time picked on in over 2 weeks but by a new person in my 6th period,he starts talking crap about me saying I don’t fight back and stuff,and he had the nerve to say that I know better not to talk to him in a certain way..the dude isn’t in a gang but he acts gay sometimes in a stupid way. I told him it’s not worth my time fighting,and when I walk away he starts mocking me,but I didn’t turn around to say anything.

Then back at lunch when I was waiting in line to get my tray of food,the original butthead puts his hand on my head and grips it,then starts saying messed up crap about me,after I got my lunch,I told him he has no respect for anyone,he then says “Shut yo swollen head a* up” then I call him a bith under my breath,what should I do?

Answer #1

ehh…just ignore the dumba**. Obviously he doesnt have anything better to do than pick on people and make fun of them.If he comes close to you just walk away before he even has a chance to say anything.And dont even look at him.act like he is invisible =]

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