What do you think of my photography pictures? :)

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there a little too edited, but good otherwise

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I like them. :)

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They're good, good editing.

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Hello =D
Ok, my favorites are err-3 and err-13!
You have very good structure to your photos X)
The only thing I would suggest is with that light there, it looks really cool in some, but it's also a bit over used in some...idk how to explain it... it feels like, it's in the way sometimes of what i'm trying to see(?). Yup XD Your really good though! Your also really pretty btw!
Hope I've helped!!

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i like them ! (:

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I think you have an eye for good subject and a nice vision for sending a message. To be more dynamic you should research different effects you can do besides boosting the contrast to have that light right behind you/ by your face. Variety is key.. you don't want all your pictures to look the same like that because they don't look as special anymore. Try playing with different effects, alternative subjects and angles.. there are many things you can do so play with it some more and have some fun!

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Thank you for everyone and yes I do over do it on some :P But I got loads of pictures I havent edited and still need to upload them but thanks i'll keep that in mind next time! :D Thank you!

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