Websites where you can see what your future child will look like?

Is there any websites where you can see what your future child will look like by just giving pictures of the parents? I just want to know for fun =]

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Um no one on Earth will ever know what your child will ever look like because it hasn't happened yet!!! So you don't know what traits it will have or anything like that.
but just for fun go on there and look it up? Then I say that that's a waste of time!!

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Myheritage is good for morphing your face with a celebrity's, but there is no feature which enables you to morph your face with your partner's. A better bet would be, which allows you to upload and morph whichever photos you like. is also good.

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The chance of anything getting your child's look is one in ~12 trillion. I personally wouldn't bother unless you want a laugh.

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how my child will look

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I would like to see my child become the person I am and how am I going to that is to make sure that I send him to school and everday after school see that I will make time to assist him in term of how to do homeworks, remember as a parent you need to be there for your child and in future I want to prepare him by putting a certain amount aside because in our days it is wise to save now and be able to cope in future. I would like to see him becoming the best achiever in the world.I know if I prepare now and it will be easy for me in the future

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im not completely sure if this is what you're looking for but try they do a few things kind of like that with pics but I dont remember if its morphing 2 pics into 1 to see it as "your child". I've also been thinking about doing that as well so I dont' think its a waste of time :)

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how me and my girlfriend if we have a baby we wanna no how would it look like

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