How to put a photo as my photo caption on here?

On this website I want to put a photo for my photo

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Select a photo, and save it in a file you create Go to C:\My Documents and open a NEW FOLDER (Click on "FILE") select NEW FOLDER. when it makes the folder icon titled NEW FOLDER rename it MY PHOTOS. Save the photo(s) you like there.
Now whenever you are on Fun Advice click the "BROWSE" hot button go to
C:\My Documents\MY PHOTOS and click...there will be all your photos. just click on one to OPEN it and it will appear on the page og Fun Advice. To add photos...go to Google Images, and type in what you want...Say FRED FLINTSTONE for example. Pick the image of FRED you want to save, right click on it it will say SAVE TO click there
and select MY PHOTOS it will instantly be saved to your photos. re-open the Fun Advice Window (click icon on bottom toolbar) Click will go right to MY PHOTOS
Click on FRED FLINTSTONE and there it can import pictures from anywhere.

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you can add speech bubbles and text

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You can find a photo studio at . It s website with photo studios in Paris.
Si tu parles français tu peut aussi louer un studio photo sur . C'est un site pour locations de studios photo pas cher. Regarde L'atelier Beyon et JJAM Studio.

Astudium - Annonces de location de studios photo pas cher à Paris, réservation en ligne, confirmation instantanée
Vous cherchez un studio photo ou vidéo à Paris ? Astudium est la plateforme qu'il vous faut ! Location de studio photo pas cher à Paris, réservation en ligne, confirmation instantanée.
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