Phoness lg cookie kp500

How old is the lg cookie kp500 ? And what is good and bad it.any advice is helpful thanksss

Answer #1

It was released in December 2008.

From what I have read online just now, people say it is simple to use and durable, but some people have problems hooking it up to their laptops.

Answer #2

the lg cookie is great got it 2months ago, its a fairly new fun touch screen phone and so far I love it! never had a touch screen before, its really easy to use and only cost £100 (mine is in white but you can get it in silver gold back and pink)

Answer #3

It’s easy to use I bought mine with Virgin Mobible. To hook it up to the PC is simple, you go on to setings press Connectivity and chooseUSB connection… then choose what you want to do

Answer #4

It’s simple to use and it isn’t hard to hook it up to the PC. Just press the blue square with 4 dots on your screen saver (bottom right) then press settings (bottom right).Then click Connectivity and select USB connection…then click what you want to do

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