Why does my phone randomly restart?

I’ll be on myspace or facebook & someone will call me, or text me, & sometimes it’ll restart. It’ll turn off & turn on by it’s self right away. Or i’ll be in the middle of sending a text, & i’ll get another one & it does that. Could it be because i drop it so much orrr ?

Answer #1

Like every other question having to do with electronics, the best thing to do is go to a PROFESSIONAL and ask their advice. Most people here, like me, can only tell you similar situations, but that does not mean it’s the same reason your phone is acting weird. It could be a number of things. 1) Water damage (condensation from being in your pocket also counts). 2) The wiring is loose. 3) There is something wrong with the battery. Go to an electronic store/ the carrier you use and ask them for a diagnosis.

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