How come my phone cant re-install opera mini?

my opera mini app is saved in my 2GB sd card and i forgot to uninstall it when i removed it and switched to a 4gb sd card. Now, i am reinstalling opera mini and it cant be installed :( help? thanks!

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what phone is it, is it an android phone or iphone etc...

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its a nokia e71

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Did you try installing a newer or older version of Opera Mini to see if it was just the version on the card that is corrupted? Is it telling you any sort of message when you try to install?

You could also try hooking your phone up to your computer and installing a new firmware update. It should say v500. for the new update. You can do it without a phone also I think, but I'm not sure about if you can download on phones.

Sorry if this wasn't as helpful to you. :(

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when i am installing it, it just stays in the 75% installation.

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Hm, odd. Try installing a newer version of Opera or older. Maybe it's just the one on the card that is having the problem. If it still crashes, then do a firmware update. If I had the phone in my hand, I could fix it in a second. :P

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okay i'll try older since this one is the newest. argh this is frustratingggg


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