Pet store or clothing store?

So I am looking for a job, and there are these two places I would really like to work at I just dont know which one to put an application in for..

The first one is aerie. Its like american eagle, and it would benefit me because I would probably get discounts on the bras and clothes there. It looks like a nice place to work. I have an application, but there is no sign that said now hiring.

The second place is petsmart. I love animals and I have always wanted to work with animals for a job. I thnk it would be real fun, and I personally wont be benefitting from it, but my two dogs will. And they have a now hiring sign up.

Sooo... In your opinion which place should I work? Or should I just keep looking?

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Apply to both. You may only hear back from one anyway (probably the pet store if they are hiring now) and you can always go and interview for both then turn one down if you get offered both. It is always better to have too many offers than none at all, and at least this way you have a back up :)

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I would go for the pet store, because they have the hire sign up

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