Do perms damage your hair?

I have been wanting to get a perm, however I have heard that they can damage your hair. I need advice… Thanks!

Answer #1

it damages your hair if you get it done all the time. if you get a really good conditioner and dont brush your hair when its wet use a rake comb you should be ok

Answer #2

no I have pirmd my hair and they havnt dameged…just go to a goood saloon for it…oiling and conditiong makes your hair healthy…

Answer #3

I have gotten a perm before, I really cant remember that much damage actually, but you know a lot of things can damage your hair so I think that you should just go ahead and do it.

Answer #4

perms are bad looking. they Make pple look like Poodles. Why dont yuu just get a puppy bbz Im sure your hair Is beautiful the way it iss!

Answer #5

they do damage your hair but its repairable…so go for it if you want one

Answer #6

try getting a perm that has NO LYE. It helps prevent hair breakage and loss. Any other perm with lye will actually cause your hair to get damaged. I got one with no lye and its workin perfectly. My hair is muuuch more relaxed and it looks much thinner. But I have a question too. I dont know when or how to was my hair with my perm. can anyone help?

Answer #7

I got a perm and I dont have dameged hair and my grandma is a professinal hair styleist and you can damage your hair a liitle but not that much only if you hair is not healthy or frizzy really those are the only ways to damage your hair by having a perm if you have strait hair then you more then likly will not have any damage

Answer #8

yes perms can damage your hair VERY much, if you’re going to et one I suggest you make sure you hair has been trimmed and is in great condition.

Answer #9

I have gotten 3 perms,and I had no damage from it. The bigger the curl rods you go, the looser the curls. I have gotten 1 loose curl and 2 tight curls you always want to go a little smaller than you want youre curls because it will fall a little. Make sure you dont wash your hair until three days after you get the perm. It does shrink your hair a little. If you have shorter hair I would grow it out then get the perm. If you have ever colored your hair over and over the perm will not be very good.Your hair cant take anymore damage.It really depends on the condition of your hair for what the perm will turn out. The thicker your hair is the better. If you get the perm make sure you have leave in conditioner and frizz control because you will have a little frizz. Hope this helped you :)

Answer #10

my friend has a perm, and her hair started to fall out, she had 2 wear a wig!

Answer #11

hi what I said before was not true! you can only damage youre hair is if your hair is already damaged

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