How much do perms cost?

How much do perms cost?

Answer #1

$52 here…


Answer #2

pends were you live my hair dresser done mine 4 20 cz she knows ma mum, bt hairdressers its 28 -35 pound

Answer #3

Usually perms cost as low as $30 or as high as $120+ at US salons, but it depends on your hair and where you go.

I know other perm-like treatments (such as keratin/Japanese treatments), can cost hundreds of dollars, as well.

You could try a DIY home kit, but it could turn out much worse than if a professional does it.

Answer #4

it all matters on how long your hair is… when I got a perm awhile ago (like2 years) my hair was a little longer than my shoulders and I got it for about $60-70 dollars… I was in 5th grade

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