Permission for a girlfriend?

How do I get my parents permission to get a girlfriend?

Answer #1

try to show them you’re responsible enough to keep/ support a girlfriend. do more chores, take care of stuff you don’t even need to do around the house. it will really help you out to them and they will see you are a responsible trustworthy young man, and if they don’t go behind there back and do it anyways =)

Answer #2

Just ask them, show them you are responsible enough to handle a girlfriend. Don’t try to keep your girlfriends a secret when you do get one. Parents like it when their children bring their girlfriends/boyfriends around because it shows you got nothing to hide and can be trusted =)

Answer #3

what you should be able to! well anyway just talk to them dont argue and say why you r responable and things like that!! say you wont do anything bad with her you will be mature (and I hope you will!) hope your allowed!!! act mature about things like for example questions people ask u (u know when your parents are around) and show them that your ready!!

     hope my advice worked a little!!

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