Why I am I having two periods a month for the last 2 years?

I’ve talked to my mom and she said it was normal but I also having extremly bad cramps and she also says this normal. i’m eighteen if that helps any

Answer #1

You need to see a gyno dear. You are supposed to have a menstrual cycle every 25-30 days not twice a month. You need to see a gyno to rule out and serious problems and he can put you on the pill to regulate your period also.

Answer #2

See a doctor. That’s not normal :/

Answer #3

for years my period was soo messed up i never knew when it was coming, sometimes i’d have two a month, sometimes i didnt have a period for as long as 3 months at a time and i wasnt on bc or anything but my gyno said its normal when youre young for your period to go kinda off. you should probably go to a gyno just to be sure. but Im sure youre fine I started my period when i was 11 and its just now starting to even itself out and Im 18 too.

Answer #4

I am 38 and ive noticed the older I get the worse my periods get. the last one I had lasted 3 weeks and my husband is going crazy….. My doc. said I have to have surg. and get a full hysterectomy done and Im NOT looking forward to that cause the hormones they give you make you gain weight and I DONT WANT THAT!!!!!! I am allready overweight! so good luck and see our Gyno Dr.

Answer #5

At 18 that isn’t normal anymore. It is only normal during early puberty. You need to go see a gynecologist to determine if something is wrong or not.

Answer #6

seek the advice of a doctor.

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