Why haven't I had my period in months?

I started my perioud when I was 13. first day back at school for the new year and I’ve been off + on but like it must have been about 4 months? about know and I havent been on.. is this because im quite knew? or has somthing gone wrong in my body? or have I hit it or somthing?

Answer #1

your body is trying to get use to your hormones. you will have irregular periods for a while until your body is used to the fact that its changing.

Answer #2

I think its normal because you just started your period and its because of your hormones or something. but if I were u, I would go to a doctor and ask them about it.

Answer #3

Don’t worry. My period used to be seriously mucked until I went on the pill. At one point I missed a whole 6 months in a row! I really wouldn’t worry too much. It’s pretty normal! It just means your hormones are slightly unbalanced. Your doctor would just tell you the same thing. Unless you start getting serious pains there’s nothing much they will do. I mean if your really desperate to straighten it out you could talk to your doctor about being put on the pill or some other hormone balancing medication but they most likely won’t put you on it because the potential side-effects don’t weight out the good it would do for you. Hope this helped x

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