Are muslims allowed to use tampons?

I’m 15 and I still never got my period. I just moved up to a higher level on my swim team im supposed to come everyday. If I constantly miss too many days I’ll get moved back down. I’m muslim so I cant wear a tampon im scared im going to start getting it soon. What can I do?

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I have an answer taken from Yahoo! Answers, of a Muslim girl who wants to use tampons so she could participate in her swimming tryouts:

QUESTION: How do I tell my mom I want to use tampons, even when she said no about them? I’ve looked up some of the same questions on this website, but I have a diff. story. I’m muslim, and abstinence is a huge part of our religion, especially for girls. I’ve asked my mom about them before, but then she said that those are only for women who have lost their virginity, and I asked her this because I only want to use them for the swim team tryouts at my school. I told her that other girls on the swim team use tampons and that they’re virgins, then she gave me a slightly believable scoff and said “You think that they’re virgins?, NOPE!!!”. So I left it at that, now I don’t want to say anythin else because this isn’t the first time I’ve asked her this, and she ALWAYS gets frustrated, no matter how maturely I put it. So what do I say to her? It’s not like I’m going to replace pads completely w/tampons. I don’t want to buy it on my own and try it out because she’ll find out, and it’s a sin to lie, or hide to your parents. Can anyone help? Thank you!!

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1 month ago About the abstinence thing, she thinks that if I use tampons, I’m trying to tell her that im sexually active, eww. I’m too young for that, WAY too young. I’m a bosnian/turkish muslim, so if anyone who is either, is there some cultural reason that she doesn’t let me?

1 month ago I know that im going to get my period for the swimming tryouts, she knows that I love to swimm, I’ve been doing it for 11 years so far, and im 15, so she knows how much it means to me.

ANSWER: A friend of mine had the exact same problem in her Indian family. She just sat her parents down, and explained to them the health and sanitation issues with wearing pads vs. wearing tampons. Basically, pads are much smellier and less hygienic than tampons. Also, your hymen does not always break when wearing tampons, especially if one wears the small teen tampons. Thus, one would still be considered a virgin. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it says in the Koran, that sanitation is of the utmost importance. (hence, why Muslims don’t eat pork…because pigs eat EVERYTHING, and are thus unclean) So maybe if your mother realized how much more sanitary tampons are than pads, she would let you wear them… If these ideas don’t work, you could talk to your mother about going on birth control. one of my devote Muslim friends was allowed to go on birth control to help lighten her irregular period. This is a means of compromise, your hymen will still be intact, and your period will be lighter/ you can control it for swim team. I hope you can work everything out with you parents. And you are right, you shouldn’t lie or sneak around, because they will most likely find out. Once again, I really hope you can work everything out.

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Thank you to anyone who contributed, I tried this because my rentals are part indie, and I explained everything that you said, and I really like the fact that you know the deal w/pork. I explained it to my mom, as good as your answer was, I used other techniques from everyone else and shes letting me thnx!

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hmmm talk to your mother or other trustworthry females in your family, and see what they say, go to a doctor, keep up the swimmin

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you should find out when the girls in your family started theirs. That may give you an idea but everyones body is different. If you don’t get by around 16 then you should go be seen by a gyno and get a check-up. Stress, eating disorders, emotional problems etc.. may cause irregular or starting later periods

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I think that is fine cause u’r supposed to have it at 16 or before 16 so you should start worrying when you turn 16 and if you still don’t have it by then then you need to go to the doctor

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